About Manufaction

Formed in April 2019 by Joshua Dean, the name MANUFACTION was coined to capture ‘the act of doing’. MANUFACTION operates at a range of scales and intentions from bespoke commercial fit-outs, spatial installations and residential furniture and storage solutions. 

What we do:

We design, plan, manufacture and install products, furnitures, spaces and structures.

Design: We have the skills and tools to design, visualse and communicate intentions, solutions and concepts. 

Manufacture: We have the facilities to machine, assemble, finish and pack a wide variety of projects. we also have a network of freelancers and speaclists sub contractors we use to help deliver truely bespoke projects. 

Plan: we use our expereince in delivering jobs of all shapes and size to help plan methods of costruction, processes and schedules. 

Install: We use our professional team and a network of subcontractors to delivcer projects. 


If you have any questions or are interested in talking about a potential project please contact us. 


Unit 2 Burgess Business Park, SE5 7TJ
Unit 3 Dene Valley Business Center, CV35 0JD

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